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You are invited to an all day technical conference featuring presentations from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter engineers who will speak on the latest developments and challenges in building web-scale analytics infrastructure. The talks will cover a wide range of topics including data ingest and stream processing; interactive query processing; iterative and graph processing; and exabyte scale storage. This is a small conference, open by invitation only to engineers who want to participate in a dialogue on the development of these technologies.

Lunch and snacks will be served and there will be a cocktail hour following the final session.

Additional details on agenda will be available in the next couple weeks.



      • Ravi Murthy
      • Engineering Manager @ Facebook
      • Ravi is the engineering manager of Analytics Infrastructure at Facebook. He leads development of the big data platform for one of the largest data warehouses in the world. His teams develop popular open source software such as Hive and Hadoop(Corona), as well as systems for interactive queries, real-time stream processing, and graph analytics. Previously he was Senior Director of Engineering at Oracle Corporation leading the Special Projects group. He also worked on various aspects of Oracle RDBMS - extensible data management, parallel/distributed, object-relational and indexing technologies.

      • Sambavi Muthukrishnan
      • Engineering Manager @ Facebook
      • Sambavi is an Engineering Manager in the Data Infrastructure group at Facebook. Her team works on the core of Hive and Hadoop - evolving the query engine, compute framework and storage to operate at scale. Prior to Facebook, she worked at Microsoft, SQL Server on distributed query execution and also on Search ranking in the Bing team. She has a Masters from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

      • Jay Parikh
      • VP of Infrastructure Engineering @ Facebook
      • Jay Parikh is the VP of infrastructure engineering at Facebook. In that role, he leads the engineering and operations teams responsible for building and maintaining an infrastructure that serves more than a billion users, developers, and partners worldwide. Prior to Facebook, Jay was senior vice president of engineering and operations at Ning, where he oversaw the scaling of the company’s social networking platform from 50,000 social networks to more than 1.5 million social networks. Before Ning, Jay was the vice president of engineering at Akamai Technologies, where he helped build the world’s largest and most globally distributed computing platform.

      • Dmitriy Ryaboy
      • Engineering Manager @ Twitter
      • Dmitriy Ryaboy is the Engineering Manager for Analytics Infrastructure team at Twitter. He is a committer on the Pig project. Previously, Dmitriy worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and at Dmitriy holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a master's in Very Large Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University; he interned at Cloudera. You can follow Dmitriy on Twitter, where he goes by @squarecog.

      • Sam Shah
      • Principal Engineer @ LinkedIn
      • Sam Shah is a principal engineer on the LinkedIn data team. He leads many of the site’s large-scale recommendation and analytics systems, which analyze hundreds of terabytes of data daily to produce products and insights that serve LinkedIn’s members. His work involves pure research, product-focused features, and infrastructure development, including social network analysis, recommendation engines, distributed systems, and grid computing. Some of the products under his purview include “People You May Know”, “Who’s Viewed My Profile?”, Skills & Endorsements, related searches, job recommendations, and more. Sam holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

      • Krishna Gade
      • Engineering Manager @ Twitter
      • Real-time Streaming Compute at Twitter Krishna Gade is an Engineering Manager in the Data Infrastructure group at Twitter. His teams work on building caching and stream processing systems such as twemcache, redis, finagle and storm. Prior to that, Krishna worked on the search teams at Twitter and Microsoft (Bing), where he helped build core search and relevance infrastructure. Krishna finished his Masters with dissertation from University of Minnesota under George Karypis and Vipin Kumar where his research was focused on data mining and information retrieval. You can follow him @krishnagade on twitter.

      • Jun Rao
      • Staff Software Engineer @ LinkedIn
      • Jun Rao is a staff software engineer at LinkedIn where he leads the development of Kafka, a distributed messaging system. Before Linkedin, he was a researcher at IBM Almaden Research Center, working on various database related topics. Jun is also a committer of two Apache open source projects: Kafka and Cassandra. Jun has a PhD from Columbia University and a B.E. from Tsinghua University in China, both in computer science.

      • Martin Traverso
      • Engineer @ Facebook
      • Martin is an engineer in the Data Infrastructure team at Facebook working on a query engine for interactive data analysis. Previously, he was at Proofpoint and Ning, where he designed and built large distributed systems. His past experience spans many areas, including computer languages, compilers, databases, search, machine learning and graphics.

      • Avery Ching
      • Engineer @ Facebook
      • Avery has a PhD from Northwestern University in the area of parallel computing.  He worked at Yahoo! Search for four years on the web mapanalytics platform, large-scale ad hocserving infrastructure, and cluster management.  During the past year and a half, he has been working at Facebook in the general area of big data computational frameworks.

      • Jun Fang
      • Engineer @ Facebook
      • Jun Fang has spent 10+ years in Microsoft SQL Server engine team, worked on both relational and storage engine, led a development team to build various features in language, runtime, storage, and management. Later he joined Bing Platform team, worked in Cosmos, leading a team to build large scale distributed table storage system with transactions. Since joining Facebook, Jun worked in Data Infrastructure, built technologies that transformed the data ETL pipeline from daily batch to incremental and realtime.

      • Ping Li
      • General Partner @ Accel Partners
      • Ping has been with Accel Partners since 2004. He focuses on early stage and growth software and digital media investments. He is also responsible for Accel's Big Data Fund. Within software, Ping is currently a board member of Cloudera, Code 42, Lookout, Nimble Storage, RelateIQ, Tenable Network Security and Trifacta. Within digital media, he currently serves on the boards of, Blue Jeans Network, Raptr, and YuMe. Ping was also responsible for several Accel investments which have had successful exits including Fusion-io (NASDAQ: FIO), Renren (NASDAQ: RENN), Ludic Labs (Groupon), Mochi Media (Shanda), and Reactivity (Cisco). Ping has over two decades of experience as a technology investor and operating executive in helping build market leading technology companies and product lines.

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